Rajasthan - Shopping

About Shopping of Rajasthan

All the destinations of Rajasthan have some specialty in the terms of shopping. Some of the famous destinations where people enjoy shopping are as given below.

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Bikaner- Camel products such as leather, footwear, wool carpets, blankets, cotton quilts, dyed cotton fabrics, maze, Kote Gate etc can be purchased from Bikaner.

Jaisalmer- This city can provide you the best carving in the form of wooden boxes with patterns and motifs all over the material to give an awesome look. Jaisalmer is famous for woolen, cotton rugs, blankets, embroidered fabrics, silver jewelry, trinkets are available from here.

Jodhpur- The zinc alloy pots, felted cloth, wooden toys, leather goods, paintings, juttees, silver jewelry, furniture and artifacts products are famous and can shopped from here.

Kota- Checked weave cotton sarees called Kota doriyas are the most famous.

Pushkar- Bangles, baubles, beads, blankets, camel saddles, embroideries, Fabrics, shawls, silver jewelry, terracotta pots, trinkets, utensils are the famous from Pushkar.

Shekhawati- Low legged Shekhawati chair, carving, metal utensils, old furniture and tie dye fabrics can be purchased Shekhawati.

Udaipur- Myriad style paintings, miniature paintings, pichwai, terracotta tables, plaques, dyed fabrics, textiles, embroideries, wooden toys, white metal objects and silver enamel artifacts can be purchased from here.

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