Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan Tourism

Explore The Desert State Of India In A Delightful Way Rajasthan is one among the most attractive states found in India as it has a lot of tourism options receiving the attention of travelers and tourists from different parts of the world. The imperial Indian state is found to be endowed with several beautiful tourism attractions including heritage tourism, wildlife tourism, desert tourism and village tourism as well. It is also popularly known for its enriching beauty, blossoming gardens, delightful fairs & festival, wonderful hill stations and state of the art accommodation facilities. Almost all these tourism attractions appeals tourists across the world for tours and travel in Rajasthan.

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A Brief History of Rajasthan

The diverse state will address Rajputs and Warrior clans, which claim to derive from sun, moon as well as fire and have also ruled this country for above 1000 years. It is also referred to be the "Land of maharajas", which is India's largest state. There are totally 33 districts among which Jaipur is considered to be the largest city, which is also referred to be the capital of Rajasthan. The glory of this state will be preserved by its majestic forts, palaces and monuments. Furthermore, the rich heritage and vibrant color of the princely state could draw infinite number of tourists from worldwide.

Celebrations-Fairs and Festivals

When it comes to Rajasthan Tourism, lively fairs and festivals play an important role in attracting the tourists. In Rajasthan, Festivals are celebrated with each and every seasonal modification with a great joy, happiness and enthusiasm. Camels, horses and elephant bedecked in colorful dresses will add more charm and attraction to the Rajasthan Festivals. Pushkar and Jaisalmer Fair are supposed to be the largest fairs being celebrated in Rajasthan every year, which will be attended by tourists globally.

Highlights of Rajasthan Tourism

This seems to be a journey of exploration where you can delve yourself into the culture and tradition of populace of captivating Rajasthan. Palaces, forts and awe-inspiring monuments together with simple villages make the desert state as a vivid and reminiscent destination. The tour to Rajasthan will truly give you a comprehensive insight into the Imperial Indian State. Rajasthan Tourism tends to offer lots of activities that include camel safari, jeep safari, exploring national parks and wild life sanctuaries, bird watching, boat rising over lovely lakes. These are some of the activities that you won't forget to get pleasure from at the time of travelling to Rajasthan.

Best time to visit Rajasthan

The appropriate time to visit Rajasthan is winter season, which means between October and march. During this time, the weather of Rajasthan is most idyllic and beautiful. Even though it will be winter season, yet the temperature remains pleasant and warm all through the day, making it the ideal time to visit almost all the palaces, forts and temples. moreover visitors could also get benefit from Rajasthan's sun-soaked winters by indulging in all sorts of outdoor activities such as safari ride, visiting numerous celebrations, fairs & festivals and also shopping for the most colorful and beautiful Rajasthani Fabrics. It is bearably cold to have a chilly winter evening along with nights that will give you the best opportunity for setting bonfires and listening to tales and music of the land, while enjoying the local Rajasthani Cuisines.

Major Attractions

Heritage Tourism

Rajasthan is popularly called as the Royal State of India as the state is equipped with invincible forts, grand havelis, terrific temples and royal palaces. The glorious past of this state is much preserved by these wonderful monuments as compared to history books. Travels, tourists, vacationers and holidayers will certainly possess an unforgettable time in Rajasthan while exploring the structural designs of these cultural monuments. Even, cities like Bikaner, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Chittorgarh, Udaipur etc are best known for its cultural and heritage beauty. These cities are found to be overflowing with several historical monuments that depict the glory, grandeur and also the previous history of Rajasthan State.

Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife parks & sanctuaries are another major attraction with respect to Rajasthan Tourism. In the state of Rajasthan, there are several wildlife national parks and sanctuaries that boost the state tourism. Ranthambhore national Park, Sariska national Park, mount Abu Sanctuary and Darrah national Park are some of the popular national parks and wildlife sanctuaries found in Rajasthan. nature lover, Tourist, wildlife lover and wild life enthusiasts will surely enjoy wildlife safaris in those exotic forests in order to spot different species wildlife animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Desert Tourism

The reason why Rajasthan is being referred as Desert State is because it is famous for its large desert, Thar. While touring to Rajasthan, people will have excellent opportunity to explore the desert landscapes by camel safari. Camel safari can be enjoyed by the tourists by exploring the desert in addition to witnessing the shimmering sand dunes. The most popular activity for newly-wedded and honeymoon couples is making a visit to Sam Sand Dunes. So, don't miss it.

Things to do in Rajasthan

In case you are planning to make a visit to Rajasthan, here are some activities which you can wonder about. They are desert safari, shopping for cultural items, camping on fine sand dunes, bird watching in wildlife sanctuaries and participating in the state festivals.

  • Desert safari: It will offer you a better opportunity to discover the sandy regions of Thar Desert on a jeep or even the back of camels.
  • Camping: camping on a sand dune enables you enjoy the desert beauty under a moon light.
  • Bird watching: See the creative treasures of mother nature in national Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries where you can spot several species of birds through rickshaw ride, boat ride, cycling trips or walking trip.
  • In addition, tourists could also go for shopping, take part in fairs & festivals, enjoy elephant ride and get pleasure from a Royal Journey on the board heritage trains.

How to Reach

Most of the major cities of Rajasthan will be well-connected by road and railways. In fact, several cities consist of domestic airports too. So, visitors can reach Rajasthan with much easiness and comfort devoid of any trouble.


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